Preston Rodeo


Employee Directory


Acock, Linda

Balls, John

Beckstead, Mark

Dunn, Chad

Hyde, Nick

Geddes, Ken

Gleed, Matthew

Henrie, Randy

Hollingsworth, Keven

Hollingsworth, Dustin

Larson, Terry

Macinanti, Jeffrey

McCammon, Dan

Merrill, Wendy

Mickelsen, Kelly

Moser, Sally

Nicholas, Roger

Olsen, Dustin

Olson, Tyler

Owens, Mark T.

Ransom, Douglas

Royer, Scott

Seamons, Jan

Sharp, Julie

Stoker, Cuyler

Talbot, Gordon

Tapp, Owen

Thomas, Todd

Thomson, Justin

Wadsworth, Allyson

Wall, Brad

Weeks, Scott

City Clerk

Public Works Director


Police Officer

Animal Control Officer

Police Chief

Public Works


Sewer Plant


Police Sargeant

Police Officer

Utility Billing

City Treasurer

Police Secretary

Public Works

Police Officer



Public Works

Police Officer

Public Works / Shop Foreman

Accounts Payable/Payroll

Police Officer

Public Works

Police Officer


Sewer Plant



Public Works



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